Renovations and Restorations

Metalwork Solutions UK have undertaken a number of renovation and restoration projects.  These projects can be challenging due to planning, legal and often personal requirements, so using an experienced contractor is a great benefit to clients.  Successful renovation and restoration work has been undertaken on Grade II Listed Buildings and projects where clients have requested the preservation of original features.

Organisations such as English Heritage may specify certain materials to be used on the renovation and restoration projects.  For example, metals that were used on construction projects in the past such as brass are less common today, so repairs require a workforce with specialist skills.  Metalwork Solutions UK have an excellent team of coded welders who are able to work with the metals used in the past and also those used in modern day construction, such as stainless steel.

Renovation and restoration work can also involve more than just restrictions on the materials used on the building.  Site access can be an issue if plant and machinery may cause damage to the surrounding area.  Also health and safety laws that did not exist when the structure was built may now be an issue if the site does not adhere to modern safety standards.  Metalwork Solutions UK provide risk assessments and method statements for authorisation before any work is undertaken.

Clients can benefit from Metalwork Solutions UK's knowledge and experience of renovations and restorations.  Projects include: leaded window refurbishment, inserting structural steel beams, roof trusses, staircase repair work, adding external fire escapes and more. 

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