Steel Bridges

Metalwork Solutions UK can build a variety of steel bridges to meet client requirements including both vehicle bridges and pedestrian bridges.  The type of steel bridge selected usually depends on budget constraints.  Creating the next architectural landmark may be your aim and this is certainly within Metalwork Solutions UK’s capabilities, however most clients want a practical bridge solution where safety aspects including load bearings and the length of the steel bridge are the key factors.  The steel bridge must also be visually compatible with the surrounding area and this can be of critical importance in areas of natural beauty where there may be building restrictions. 

Steel bridge repairs and steel bridge refurbishment can also be undertaken by the Metalwork Solutions UK team, whether it’s a simple cosmetic re-vamp or dealing with more serious damage. For example, a steel bridge that has been damaged by a vehicle’s impact, or perhaps by flood water.  Flooding has caused damage to a number of bridges in Cumbria recently, resulting in repair work.  Steel bridges are such a specialist type of structure, it’s essential to work with a qualified and experienced team when building or repairing them.  Metalwork Solutions UK have the necessary skills and credentials to build or repair steel bridges and always aim to exceed client expectations.  Set quality standards are in place including CE Marking at Execution Class 4, ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems as well as Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and Constructionline quality accreditations.

Metalwork Solutions UK will work with the client from the initial steel bridge design concept to final completion.  They can provide AutoCAD design drawings, build the steel bridge in their 9,600 square feet premises, then transport and install the steel bridge at its final destination. 

Most types of bridges can be fabricated including footbridges with side gantries for pedestrians, bridges made from plate girders, bridges using truss work, bridges with stiffened complex platework such as box girders, decks and arch boxes.  They can construct cable-supported bridges – both cable-stayed or suspension style and can also build moving bridges.  Various finishes can also be offered depending on budget and maintenance requirements including, painted, galvanised or stainless steel.

Whatever your metalwork needs, whether its simple or complex, please contact us.

Remember, if it’s made out of metal you need Metalwork Solutions UK!